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Digital Marketing Audit is essential in getting the most from your website. Websites can be ran basically and get the job done or they can be audited by a consultant and grow your business exponentially. Online marketing Auditing will drive more traffic to your website and you will acquire more qualified leads. The consultant will evaluate your goals and create a strategy that best fits your business.

Internet Marketing Audit

Internet Marketing Audit

Auditing Process

During the Digital Marketing Auditing process, the consultant will audit site speed and all other technical issues such as rendering, image size and loading issues. The consultant will make sure that your content is well written. He will make sure you have attention getting, properly described titles. He will evaluate your websites product introduction. Does your website do a good job selling your product? Is it illustrated properly? Is it priced properly? He will recommend ways in which to grab the attention of someone looking at your website. The consultant will make sure that your website properly demonstrates the benefits of purchasing your product. He will make sure that you are using the right combination of tag words and search engine optimization words and links to draw more people to your website. Consulting is tremendously beneficial in correcting the set up and the ways you are using your website.

The auditing process includes looking at the links to social media outlets that you utilize and make recommendations. He will show you how to use some of the social media networks that you may not be taking advantage of such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. It is through these avenues that you will get prospects and turn them into customers. The Auditor will look at how you are utilizing in-text links to your own site and external sites which will help add to your bottom line through either building on your own product or revenue from other sites.

Make some Money

Another way to make money from your website is through Google Ad-Sense, Pay-per-click, and affiliate ads. The Auditor will discuss with you the ways in which you use your website and how these avenues may benefit you and add to your revenue stream. An Online marketing Auditing is crucial when looking at external revenue sources as it can add a substantial amount of money to your company. The Online marketing Auditing will make sure you have utilized several calls to action. Without asking for the business, sales will be scarce.

Digital Marketing Auditing has been found to increase a business by a tremendous amount. If you take advantage of the consultants business building analysis, Strategies and recommendations, you will grow your business and it will be money well spent.