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Marketing is evolving – The internet marketing is very important for all sizes of local online marketing. Consider all these seven basic steps.

  • Create a good compelling, easy to use responsive website (works with all device)
  • Consider site speed (Site speed is very important )
  • Useful good sticky contents (which useful for your customers)
  • Improve User experience and click through rate.
  • Make sure you have a contact form and phone number to reach your business.
  • Provide a location map to find your business for local customers and verify your business with Google my business.
  • Add analytics and web console tracking code to track your site and improve performance.

There are more important factors to consider, but at least make sure above basic points are included in your planning.
To check your site speed use – Google Site Speed Test Tool

Test how mobile-friendly your site is here at – Think With Google

Local Online Marketing Seven Basic Steps

Local Online Marketing Seven Basic Steps