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Multichannel Marketing is the ability to market with potential customers on multiple platforms in this context; a channel might be a website, a promotional event, video ad, a print ad, an online search marketing ad or even a word of mouth are known as multi-channel marketing.

Multichannel Marketing

Multichannel Marketing

Multichannel marketing could just as easily be called “everywhere marketing.” This is because the ultimate goal of multichannel marketing is to find out where your prospects and customers are and make sure you are also there.

Of course, the path to accomplishing this goal is less simple. In this post, learn about multichannel marketing and how to successfully use it to grow your business.

MultiChannel Marketing Begins with Research

The first step in crafting a successful multi-channel marketing campaign is figuring out where your prospects and customers are hanging out. This may include online and offline venues.

For example, you need to know which social media channels are most popular with the people you wish to connect with. Here, the goal is not to get your prospects to convert from the channels they are using to the channels you want to use. Rather, you must find out which channels they use and establish a presence for yourself there.

If you have a brick-and-mortar aspect to your business, this can also mean discovering where your customers and prospects are most likely to interact with your product so you can introduce extra incentives for conversion. This may come in the form of in-store coupons, complementary marketing with another business, email offers or other means.

MultiChannel Marketing Continues with Measurement

When it comes to introducing a brand new product or service, it doesn’t matter who you are or how much experience you have with multi-channel marketing. Each new offering is different and there is no single surefire formula that fits all products equally.

For this reason, rather than assuming you “know how it is done,” it is always best to start fresh with each new product, doing your research, establishing your presence, reaching out to thought leaders in each channel or venue and designing a custom marketing campaign.

From here, you can measure the new results against what you have learned from other successful multi-channel marketing campaigns. This will give you data to benchmark against so you can adjust your campaign expectations accordingly. By measuring how each channel or venue is performing (as defined by the increases in sales attributed to each aspect of the campaign) you can refine your marketing strategy to focus on the most productive venues.

Multi-Channel Marketing is Founded in Consistency

One aspect that is unique to multi-channel marketing is the high likelihood that the same customers or prospects will encounter you and your brand in various channels. For example, you may have campaigns on both Twitter and Facebook and customers that follow you in both places.

So you want to aim for consistency in branding and messaging throughout your campaigns. This builds customer trust and is more likely to generate new sales and repeat business.

By understanding the basic mechanics of what multi-channel marketing aims to accomplish and how to achieve your goals, you can create well-researched, measurable and consistent marketing campaigns that will appeal to new prospects and loyal customers alike.